Monday, July 12, 2010


One of my classmates at Management College sent me a message to remind me about the completion of our friendship that started 10 years back. This message took me 10 years back when a 21 year old boy moved to Bombay (Oops!!!! Mumbai...Dont want any political hungama ):-) from Jalandhar. What a day it was!!!!! And that changed my life, if you are thinking that i am going to narrate you some bollywood story then you are mistaken.

My first day in hostel and I found tears in the eyes of my grandfather who had come to drop me at Mumbai by looking at the typical hostel room and broom in the hands of mother of my friend Mathew. My roommates Naqvi Brothers, Mathew and Sunil Shah Alias Gupta,were all superstars in their own way (I have to become Chetan Bhagat to describe all in full masala mode so will talk about them some other day). We needed each other in the city of dreams and gelled well.

My first day in the college and I was counting the no. of girls in my class, not surprisingly, this was the first time that I was in co-ed. I was totally uncomfortable finding myself in English speaking hap and so called cool culture. Suddenly the boys became Guys and the Girls became Gals and friends became buddies. My first presentation and I was just like Inzmam –ul – Haq giving an interview at BBC. I survived the First month. My friend Mathew realised my potential and helped me in making friends. This group helped me a lot. Thanks buddies!!!!! This was the first step and thereafter I was shocked to see some amazing encouragement from Hi – fi group. I got the support and love from every batch mate however my reciprocation to them never came up in open due to my shyness. I would like to thank all.

My first crush, then second then ......nth , Some beautiful love stories, Bandstand’s PDA (Public Display of Affection) , Local Trains were some other exciting things during that period (Reminding me of the Song- Those were the best days of my life-Summer of 69).

I want to give these 10 years 10/10. Lets move forward towards another 10 years of association......”Pude Chala Pude” (Marathi word - means - Move Forward).


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